Our Picks to Enhance Privacy

In-house Apps

I was busy for a while, creating awesome apps for privacy minded-people like you.

These apps may not be ground breaking but just some utilities that get your work done while respecting your privacy.

These apps are under "Anirudh Apps" on Google Play Store (iOS versions coming soon) and are available for download for FREE with no Ads or in-app purchases

Also NO tracking, NO collection of data as you would expect from me.

Still if you don't trust me, these apps are open source and the code is hosted on GitHub.

 1. Lucid Tasks

Lucid Tasks App Screenshots
Lucid Tasks Screenshots 
This is a todo app that will manage your tasks with simple and elegant user experience with smooth animations.

You get everything you expect from a modern todo app.

Addding tasks, editing them, marking them as favorites, swipe for deleting; you  name it, I have got it.

2. Sesame Password Generator

Sesame Password Generator Screenshot
Sesame Password Generator UI
As the name suggests, it generates strong passwords which are way safer than having your own name or other details in passwords.

You can generate passwords according to conditions such as including uppercase characters, numbers and so on.

And just copy the password to use it anywhere.

Your passwords stay safe on the device and not collected by me in any form.

Also don't write them on piece of paper or where it can be accessed by others.

3. Eloquent Weather

Eloquent Weather UI
You may not notice small weather changes in your surroundings but keeping a trusty weather app can make a difference.

So I made this weather app for your next trip which you don't want to get ruined by bad weather.

You can look for weather in your city, or directly search for any city.

The app then simply fetches data from OpenWeatherMap and presents to you.

Along with weather and temperatures, you also get wind speed & humidity.

And my personal favorite is Sunrise & Sunset time at which I go for sun gazing.

I hope you will enjoy my apps as much as I do.

More apps and services coming soon. Stay tuned.