Flipboard data of some users compromised in a data breach

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Flipboard data breach

Ah, here we go again behind data breaches.

A security incident has occurred in Flipboard's databases which involved a subset of user data.

The company identified that databases containing names, usernames, cryptographically stored passwords and email addresses were compromised.

Don't worry. A cryptographically stored password mean they are not available in plain text form and the attacker can't login to your account by simply inserting password.

And it is extremely difficult to crack the crypto password and obtain original password which can be used for login.

It simply depends on how much computing resources the attacker can put into getting passwords into plain text.

Flipboard has used a method called as 'salted hashing'. This adds long sequence of characters to the original password. So even if your password is weak and small, it is well secured.

Additionally, if you have created or changed your password after March 14, 2012, your password is encrypted with bcrypt.

If before that date, it is encrypted with SHA-1 which is comparatively less secure than bcrypt these days.

What can you do

I simply suggest you to change your login credentials even if this breach does not poses a direct threat.

And if you have been using the same credentials to login to other service, change your password there as well.

Source: Flipboard

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