Google will let you to auto-delete Location and Web Activity data.

Google was a company that was previously under criticism for tracking our phones long along. The company got into trouble when it was found that they collected user locations even after 'location history' paused.

The search engine giant wants you to know that they are serious about users' privacy.

To stop Google storing your location data, you have options like turning off Location History and Web and App Activity entirely.

But there always felt a need for simpler controls to manage our data that Google keeps.

On May 1st, Google announced that they are letting users auto delete their activity data.

And you will have the options for how long you want to keep your activity data. Be it 3 months or 18 months.

These controls are expected to reach users in "next few weeks".

These options are in addition to what users can already do, delete and manage their activity entirely.

Google Auto Delete History
Google Activity controls

Google states that this feature will first roll out for Location and Web activity.

This suggest that such controls may be expanding to other types of user data as well.

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